Self Directed Work


Banks are all about trust and what's one of the first steps to make yourself look trustworthy? Be presentable and taking care of your appearance! So, with that in mind it's common sense that a bank should look the part. That's why I tasked myself to rebrand Yorkshire Banks logo, they were in dyer need of a corporate yet modern new look. 

audioengine sign.jpg

Old : 

New : 

yorkshire bank sign mockup.jpg
yorkshire bank all elements mockup_.jpg
bank card Mockup.jpg
I created the logo to be quite versatile. Instead of one simple design I built it while thinking about the various elements which have the potential to be used as sub logos. These need to be visually recognisable to the brand as well as able to stand on their own. In this case there's 2, the rose and the 'Y'.
In this gif you can see part of the visual development of the logo. I wanted to incorporate the Yorkshire Rose and the 'Y' for Yorkshire so it made sense for the letter to become the stem. 
Banks are one of the strongest examples I can think of which show how the distinctiveness of a colour palette can inform a user of who they're dealing with without necessarily knowing the companies name. This is why I decided to stick to the original colour scheme. I also created my design within the parameters of the rounded rectangle for reasons which you can read about below.
yorkshire bank light blue .png
yorkshire bank dark blue.png
The Yorkshire Bank logo is often pictured next to their owners logo, Clydesdale Bank, hence why I needed to stick to the strict creative constraints that I did.