Self Directed Brief


I felt a little stuck at the start of the term so thought a quick single day brief could jolt my brain into working. Whilst staring blindly at the contents of the fridge I decided to do a household item's rebrand, my beloved milk bottle seemed the obvious choice. 

Milk rebrand green.jpeg

I've always loved the idea of a glass bottle of milk left on the door step so that's what I did. 

milk rebrand red_.jpeg
milk rebrand blue.jpeg

I made the conscious decision of not documenting this mini project as I was in a place that simply needed a creative boost. I often find doing documentation lowers my creativity and drastically slows me down overall. Doing this would be going against the reason I set myself this brief, plus there wasn't much to documentation anyway. 

I'm very happy with how this project turned out. The bottles would stand out whether on a door step or supermarket shelf, the design makes it look like the bottles would contain a quality product, something that all vendors would be looking for.