Client Brief


Creating a visual for Cozy Land Magazines Article on the LGBTQ+ Crisis in Poland, against the church. Here's the article :

Illustration In Context 
Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 22.15.23.png

I approached Cosy on Instagram asking if they would need any illustrations for upcoming articles and got given the LGBTQ+ Crisis in Poland illustration to create. 


We spoke about what they were after and I was shown a draft of the article in the making so as to tailor the illustration as well as possible to the point of view and subject featured.  

I have no documentation for this brief as it had a very quick turn-around. 

I followed my usual steps, doing research into the subject (very important as it's a political matter) then developed my ideas in my sketchbook and used the relevant software (in this case Illustrator) to achieve the final outcome seen above.