Self Directed Work


Sheffield proud owner Megan Beardsmore founded her skincare company in 2001. All of their products are made in small batches with 100% natural ingredients, moreover everything they create is ecologically conscious. As a small family run business with good morals I thought it only appropriate for their brand identity to reflect that. It should portray the feeling high quality ingredients without looking generic or commercially basic. 

Old : 

ss co window mockup.jpg

New : 

creame new lid.jpg
Screenshot 2021-02-07 at 01.53.00.png
In a couple weeks I will be undertaking the challenge of rebranding all of their skincare products, until then, here's a little mockup of the new logo on their current website.
To visit the page just follow this link :
From the get go I knew that there would need to be a good visual balance of the local homemade appeal and the clear quality of the products. 
I achieved this by drawing some flower and leaf designs just using a basic pencil. I then proceeded to digitise and incorporate them within various balanced layouts following gestalt theory rules as well as the help of a good eye. 
The colour palette that you see below is the hex codes I thought would work best together and represent the companies personality for when I create the packaging designs.
ss co colour 1.png
ss co colour 4.png
ss co colour 3.png
ss co colour 2.png