Self Directed Work


The Oxford Place is a fine dining restaurant situated in the centre of Leeds, it also happens to be the only 100% gluten free eatery in the city, perfect for coeliacs. I wanted to make the business visually appealing to try reel in more non-coeliacs, growing the businesses name and client base proving that a gluten free meal is just as good, or better, than one with common ingredients. 

Old : 

op mockup 2.jpg

New : 

op original logo .png
oxford place gluten free icon.png
The restaurant will already be on Leeds coeliac communities radar as it's convenient and still a delicious option for them. This means the next target audience is non-celiacs. People may think that because the menu is 100% gluten free it means the food will be lacking in flavour or texture and so won't truly fulfil the fine dining experience (which is far from true).
The first step in breaking down that idea is a good design, you wouldn't want to see one of the typical food packaging warning signs on a menu which is why I designed this more elegant and fresh icon. 
oxford place pudding mockup.jpg
For the Oxford Place experience to hold a place in someones memory it's important that the quality feel is not only in the food but also in all the elements that the customer touches during their evening, most obviously, the menus. 
I started off by identifying the main defining values that The Oxford Place push forward,
I found there to be 4 : 
- family run business 
- memorable experience 
- 100% gluten free 
- fine dining 
Following this I created designs and icons for each one individually to help my ideas flourish. They strike me as quite family orientated which is why I thought the logo should feature an ode to a home, hence, the house which I designed using the golden ratio. 
Within the home you see the antlers which have partially been inspired by their current logo. These are representing the quality of the hearty food often found at the centre of a real Yorkshire family meal.
However the antlers could also be perceived as a tree portraying the natural quality of the ingredients used in The Oxford Places' recipes. 
oxford place logo explained .png