Self Directed Work


Nature's Harvest is a dog food brand based on the commitment to produce delicious dog food from high quality ingredients for beloved pets, including the queens own. 

Old : 

Natural harvest bag mockup_.jpg

New : 

Natures harvest laptop mockup.jpg
Here's a little mockup of a renovated version of their website which includes the logo I designed. 
A clean website will give the customers confidence in where the food they feed their pets with comes from. 
By using watercolours to add texture to the logos elements it evokes the idea of handmade, natural quality. That mixed with the intricate, expensive looking typefaces used shows that the company is professional and trustworthy.
I didn't want to stray too far from their current logo design which is why I incorporated the rosette shape as best I could. I had to make sure it didn't't look like a rip off of the Pedigree logo either. As for the colour palette I also wanted to stay fairly inline with their current look as they have a good base, they simply need it to be more distinct. 
NH blue.png
NH orange.png
NH light green.png
NH dark green.png