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Breda based ceramicist, designer and all round creative Emma Grout is the founder of Studio Emma Sofia. For one of my branding projects I wanted to be working on a small creative company who's work I love therefore Emma's studio seemed to be the obvious choice. Researching everything I could find about the studio online I took it upon myself to redesign her logo. 

Current : 

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New : 

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PHOTO CREDIT : Emma Grout www.
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Determining Studio Emma Sofias audience :
The majority of Emmas sales come through Instagram meaning her audience can be very varied in terms of location. However with shipping prices getting higher the further afield you go you end up with a concentration of sales from cities and counties in close proximity to Breda. 
Her customers value the time and effort that goes into creating these beautiful handmade items. The neutral toned natural trend is most prominently sweeping those of the millennial generation, those wanting to decorate their new homes with pieces that could be cherished and passed down.
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One of the biggest qualities of Emma's work is that it's all made entirely by hand. I wanted to extend that by having an interactive logo, Emma would stamp the pot on making each delivery that much more unique. 
What makes Emma's work stand out from other ceramists is her ability to use rough and natural textures in an elegant way. This is one of her best selling points which is why I want to portray it in the logo. 
To embrace the handmade look I decided to make mini stamp versions of some of Emma's pots and vases. Now, of course, getting actual stamps made for the design process would be a waste of money and effort which is why I decided to use baby potatoes. Their texture and easily workable consistency make for some very interesting varied prints. 
From here I scanned them in and edited them to match the clean look of Emma's company. I then played around with many different layouts working within the constraints of the round instagram profile shape. 
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